Being Adaptable & Employment Ready

There have regretta;bly been many thousands of redundancies in the UK workforce over recent weeks.  The lockdown from earlier in the year caused so much financial damage to companies that they simply couldn’t absorb any further financial batterings.  The folk who find themselves out of work are generally going to be from the hospitality sector.  Hotels have not been able to function in the normal way but mostly only as emergency housing for visitor to an area rather than for the normal tourist reasons.    Pubs and restaurants have had the worst ever experience of being shut then open for a short while – in which many months worth of produce, meat and fish etc have been ordered and probably paid for, only to find themselves hit by another lockdown lasting until beyond christmas.  The only way for folk to get themselves ready to be snapped u when this nightmare is over and companies ready to pick up employment again is to be fully trained and physically geared up for interviews and with an adaptable approach to work offers.