Business Meetings Online Via Video Calls

I used to work with a lady who ran her own ‘virtual secretary’ business.  This was very much in the early days of computers for the office and home.  Knowing how much I use my equipment nowadays, and the limitations of equipment, internet services (no wireless technology then), I’m amazed at how she used to cope.  Everything was done by letter and telephone appointments and discussions.  Today, with IT based training for her clients, she could have them logging into a shared business space online via an iPad or laptop or mobile phone.  ‘Attendees’  can talk to her and any other parties concerned in the business.  There are so many types of shared access business functions now.  Accounting is done with a couple of buttons on a mobile phone.  Training for these processess is easily achieved to ensure smooth running of the business.  Everything is easier to do.  Cyber Security however is a serious nightmare though.