Online Gaming Brings Out New Genius Level

The most creative genius these days seems to be a young pup who has made their name in gaming, firstly as outstandingly quick and attentive players and then in the developing, designing and programing of gaming.  the industry is huge – with many a spin off element surrounding and adding to it’s success.  Not only is there a whole legion of amazingly bright young programmers and coders emerging, but the music the accompanies gaming has brought forward composers, arrangers and recordong artistes in ever increasing numbers.  It is almost our best but quietly hidden secret.  Very much of this success started online at home, gradually the need to get to more advanced challenges has required further education and home learning functions.  The best gamers are often folk who didn’t necessarily fit into the mainstream school system, perhaps struggled with the inflexibility of the system.  Home learning and development has enabled them to expand and really come to life!