OU Clever Thing – True Life Changing Courses

When we think of e-learning, online degree courses and we sometimes forget much of this will have stemmed from  the absolutely amazing open university.  It celebrates 50 glorious years this year and I have a relative who spent six years working tremendously hard and in fact slogging, towards a degree whilst raising two children and running a busy home.  I’m not sure exactly whether the subjects were the same as at conventional university but in the pre computerised days, there was a great deal of getting up at silly o’clock to study and only a certain time to write up topics and dissertations.   It was indeed a very proud moment during the second year when my pal was featured in a local BBC tv documentary about folk who chose to study with the OU and she was then also featured in the local paper.  It highlighted how correspondence courses offered a second chance to those who had missed out on higher education and all the benefits that could have brought, career wise.   The same can be said about e-education and the absolutely incredible range of learning resources and online courses available today.