Refresher & Inhouse Training Courses Must Be Relevant

There are more ways of improving one’s opportunities in the work place than meets the eye.    In those distant ‘good old days’ if you believe any of it, you didn’t need to do a great deal to progress.  This of course was probably a complete fallacy and only the most keen, loyal and helpful found their way into the next promotion race.  Today there are specific routes forward for fast track candidates who wish to just see the lower levels of their job as they make their way up the ladder.  Every progression though requires some form of testing of the candidate in some form or other.   Some companies offer team building and bonding exercises and others have online platforms on which they set mandatory training courses and refreshers.  I userd to really enjoy some of the mandatory ones when I had a government post.  We used to groan at first, being talked down to like students but on the whole, the content matter of the courses was always relevant to the title and very often involved anti fraud activities.