Students Linked Online Raises Attainment

Watching young people take on a learning project can be really fascinating.  There is often a little resistance at the beginning, especially if the subject is one they are not completely au fait with.  You see a bit of procrastination and delay tactics with all sorts of reasons proferred as to why it’s not a good idea to start today . . .   However, I notice also that as soon as you introduce it as a hands on computer course, they are putty in  your hands !    Children are exposed to laptops and e-learning courses from the very beginning of their schooling now.  At one time the E-learning courses, laptops, or original old main frame computers were restricted to senior schools only and gradually common sense prevailed and junior and infant levels were gradually included.  Now it’s imperative that most or all homework is done on computers linked to the school system so they initiate the learning stream and check the student is actively engaged and filing their study results.  Young folk are so at ease with electronic learning that it would be difficult to start with other methods these days.  It does help them in later life when they take work and have to complete mandatory training exercises online.