The Fun Instructors Also Need Background E-Learning Skills

When our children are on their school and college holidays, we often have a chance to send them to summer camp, or some other group/development based activity.  This is to firstly entertain and broaden their minds.  It also serves to bring out their team building, bonding and nurturing characteristics.  A group of teens on a water adventure course will know to listen and watch the instructor at the front – they know from experience that this person is telling them how to enjoy their experience and stay safe.   Younger children need these things reinforcing.   Every job that involves training other people carries risks and all of them should be included in the company training manual.  Each instructor needs to know their interest inside out and back to front in order to teach another person how to do it.  This is gained from doing the practical side many times over.  The other stuff, Health & Safety, behavioural issues and basic care training can be gained by way of distance learning and online education courses.   Signing on for these e-learning resources will bring a whole new level of responsibility to the instructor and a sense of purpose in caring for a group of young folk.